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Signature Experiences

Discover a sanctuary of serenity with our Signature Experiences

Image by Caleb Ekeroth

Rekindle Spa & Wellness Renew for Two

Begin with two Bemer, foot detox baths, &
aromatherapy oxygen bar treatments. Continue into
our pineapple foot pumice scrub & full-body
champagne scrub, chocolate wrap, face &  lip
treatment. Conclude your special day, with our hands & feet moisture mask, cold stone face massage, & 80 minute hot stone massage infused with hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, and collagen. 


| 4 Hours | $1500 

Image by Dane Deaner

Hikers, Bikers, and Golfers Renew for Two

Say Thank You, to your body after a day of activities with our Bemer, aromatherapy oxygen bar, and foot detox baths. Next, replenish your skin with a deep hydration scrub, wrap, and face treatment. Top off your day, with a 50 minute hot stone massage using specialized oils to soothe sore and achy muscles.   


| 3 Hours | $1340 

Image by Iris de Waard

The Calm Camel

In honor of the ancient camels that once roamed Death Valley 15 thousand years ago, we bring to you a meditative spa ritual centered around Israeli camel's milk. Begin your session enjoying a turmeric beverage and herbal camel milk foot bath. Next, a guided breathing and sound bowl meditation will lead you into a camel milk and walnut body scrub and wrap with steamed herbal compresses, hand, and foot masks. Continue in to your calming face exfoliation and moisture treatment. Your session will be completed with a warmed milk, rosehip and thyme hair mask and 50 minute whipped camel cream massage, infused with steamed turmeric and ginger.


*Note: This service contains crushed walnut shells.

*Note: price listed is per client


| 3 Hours | $750 


Sunset Serenade

Wine and dine your body and mind with our top-shelf Moët & Chandon champagne and organic cocoa body scrub. Follow us into a mouthwatering chocolate buttercream wrap, and micro-refining face treatment utilizing CoQ10, vitamin k, and vitamin c. Complete your special day with an 80 minute hot stone massage. 

*Note: price listed is per client

| 3 Hours | $685

Image by Oziel Gómez

Couple's Wellness Package

2 detox foot soaks, 2 Bemer circulatory sessions, 2 aromatherapy oxygen bar sessions & 2 infrared sauna blanket sessions.  

*Please arrive freshly showered. At the completion of your sauna, you will take a brief shower. Please bring shower shoes and any preferred toiletries.


| 2 Hours | $670 per couple 

Image by Jordan Wozniak

Aloe Sol

Described as extraordinary in its Washington Post review, this treatment is a must-have for those beloved spa connoisseurs visiting the valley. Hydrate your skin after a day under the Mojave sun, with an organic chlorophyll sage rice scrub and prickly pear wrap. Following a molecular hydrogen face soak and exfoliation, your face will lavish in the replenishing goodness of collagen, prickly pear, and turmeric. Top off your session with a collagen, hyaluronic acid & vitamin C infused 80-minute massage.

*Note: price listed is per client


| 3 Hours | $600 

Image by Adel Emma

3rd Time's a Charm package

3 half-hour massages and 3 Bemer sessions & 3 oxygen bar sessions. 



Image by Dagmara Dombrovska

Strawberry Fields Forever

Freshly covered strawberries and Moet & Chandon champagne will accompany you into a mineral-rich foot soak, lush with fresh roses. Complete your session with a half-hour foot massage.


| 1 Hour | $250 Single | $320 Couple

*NOTE: 48 hours advanced scheduling required

*NA substitute available

(contact me for the full resoluton image)_edited.jpg

Health day package

1 detox foot bath, 1 Bemer session, 1 infrared sauna blanket session, 1 Aromatherapy Oxygen Bar treatment.

*Please arrive freshly showered. At the completion of your sauna, you will take a brief shower. Please bring shower shoes and any preferred toiletries.


| 1.5 Hours | $220 

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