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Wellness Treatments

Unlock the power of self-care with our holistic and personalized Wellness Treatments

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Desert Detox Foot Bath

Enjoy a foot soak in mineral rich spring water with an apple vinegar,  mustard, sage and rosemary herb blend. Perfected with fresh eucalyptus, lemon slices and rosebuds. 


| 30 minutes | $70

Image by Sam Loyd

Oxygen bar

Add on a breath of fresh air to any service with our enchanting in-house aromatherapy oxygen bar

| 20 minutes | $40

Image by William Farlow

BEMER circulatory session

BEMER therapy is an FDA-approved device that treats a variety of issues such as discomfort, sleep issues, immune disorders, cardiovascular issues, and much, much more. BEMER is a non-evasive, full-body mat that you lay on for a short period of time. This mat stimulates blood flow and is used as an overall wellness device.   

| 20 minutes | $40

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